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Could payable on death accounts benefit your estate plan?

Many Minnesota residents know that probating an estate can take a considerable amount of time. You may know ...
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Your Guide…to Discovery

In a previous article I noted that most lawsuits include an information-sharing phase called discovery. Discovery is like a ...
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What is Family Law?

Everyone has heard the term "family law" before. But, the term doesn't do a good job of describing ...
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Can I sell my home without a Real Estate Agent?

Don't get me wrong, real estate agents provide a much-needed service to the community. They also come with ...
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What if my Child gets Hurt?

Personal injury actions-where you are injured due to somebody else's actions or failure to act-can be a lot ...
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Love Shouldn’t Hurt: Recognizing Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is domestic violence awareness month, and as a prosecutor for the City of Alexandria, I am confronted ...
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