Thank You, Gretchen Tvrdik, for 40 years of service!

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Gretchen.jpgThe Swenson Lervick Law Firm honors Gretchen Tvrdik on her 40th anniversary with the firm!

Gretchen started with the firm in February, 1976 as legal assistant to attorneys John Lervick and Gary Syverson. She later worked as a real estate assistant, and in 1989 she became the firm’s office manager, a position she has held ever since.

Over these four decades, Gretchen has seen countless changes. Handwritten shorthand has given way to electronically-shared digital transcription. Hand-cranked mimeograph machines have been replaced by internet-connected copier/scanners. Emails now far outnumber printed correspondence. Voicemails have replaced printed call reminders. And, legal research that was once done exclusively by reading books is now done almost entirely online.

But, the one constant throughout the years has been the people. “We have a very supportive office family,” Gretchen noted. “Together, we’ve shared births, deaths and weddings. Now, we are starting to work with the children of clients we worked with years ago. Through it all, we’ve had fun!”

“We sometimes compare our office to a bus heading down the road to help our clients, and we all know that Gretchen is the driver, navigator and mechanic. We have been incredibly lucky to have her with us for all of this time,” said Swenson Lervick’s Tom Jacobson. So, to Gretchen, thank you for all you’ve done for Swenson Lervick, for our clients, and for our community!


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