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We have recently become aware of an email scam where the scammers send invoices that use our firm’s address and a similar phone number. One such invoice has the following header:

Scam Invoice.PNG

The invoices include summaries of legal services allegedly provided, and they ask the recipients to wire funds to a specified bank account.

If you receive such an invoice, please forward it to your local law enforcement agency. As a courtesy, we would appreciate receiving a copy for our records.

Please know that any invoice from our firm will always be in our name and not the name of some other company. It will include our logo, address and correct phone number ([nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-2″]) and clearly indicate the services our clients asked them to provide. And, we do NOT ask clients to wire funds to us via invoices of this nature.

We apologize for any confusion this may cause, and we thank those who called this to our attention.

Circle 2

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