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Divorce is almost never pleasant for the spouses ending the relationship. Divorce also tends to be very hard on children who might find themselves in a shared custody situation. When it is time for a child to visit the other parent, the responsibility for transporting the child and the manner in which it is done should be detailed in the child custody agreement. Minnesota family law supports the creation of a parenting plan that provides a clear understanding of how one or more child safely will go from one parent’s home to the other for visitation.

What a visitation transportation plan does

A visitation transportation plan clearly lays out how children safely travel from one parental location to the other. A good plan should lay out which parent is responsible for providing the transportation and ensure that safe vehicles are used at all times. If a young child should be protected with a child safety seat, the visitation transportation plan will set the parameters for acceptable equipment. The plan will also determine who pays costs for air travel and other transit as needed to fulfill custody agreements.

Minimize potential conflict

Many divorces leave embittered former partners who have children in common. If the relationship has soured to such a point that the parents cannot get along, a neutral transfer location could be listed. A visitation transportation plan also can establish acceptable procedures when one parent will be late for any reason for a planned visitation exchange. That can prevent conflicts and help the children experience a less stressful disruption to their family lives.

An experienced Minnesota family law attorney may be able to help you reach a fair and amicable visitation transportation plan that ensures safe transportation for your children when it is time to visit the other parent. When you have strong arguments and evidence on your side, an experienced attorney may present your case and help you to gain the best possible outcome in a divorce case. That includes reaching a fair agreement for visitation transportation and ongoing parenting plans.

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