How Much Will This Cost?

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In my last column, I noted how we get many calls and e-mails from people who ask us a very simple question: Can you help me? Some wonder if their car accident case has merit. Others have issues at work or are concerned about their own or a loved one’s Will, Power of Attorney or Health Care Directive. Others may want a divorce, start a business or buy or sell property. You’ll never know whether we can help unless you ask.

Once we have determined we can help, a client’s next question is often, “How much will this cost?” We are always willing to answer that question because we want to make sure our clients understand the charge for our services. Sometimes, we work on a contingent fee basis where we are paid a percentage of any monetary recovery. In other cases, we charge by the hour, or we may charge a fixed or “flat” fee for a project. And, just like a medical procedure or car repair, the total fee will vary depending on many factors, including complexity and the time involved.

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