Chronic Pain, Macular Degeneration to Qualify for Medical Cannabis

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The Minnesota Department of Health has announced that effective August, 2020 chronic pain and macular degeneration will be qualifying conditions under the state’s medical cannabis law. Therefore, people diagnosed with those conditions will soon be eligible for medical cannabis prescriptions as a treatment option.

The MDH also legalized more methods for ingesting cannabis as a part of a patient’s treatment regimen. Specifically, starting in August, 2020 patients will be allowed to ingest medical cannabis via “water-soluble cannabinoid multi-particulates (for example, granules, powders and sprinkles) and orally dissolvable products such as lozenges, gums, mints, buccal tablets and sublingual tablets.”

From an employment perspective, this will continue to enlarge the number of job applicants and employees who could potentially obtain medical cannabis prescriptions and consume the drug. Because of this, employers have an increasing need to understand their rights and obligations under the state’s medical cannabis law. For more information on those rights and obligations, see Medical Marijuana: Are You Ready to Roll with It? or contact attorney Tom Jacobson at [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-2″].

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