Estate Planning/Probate

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Breathe freely: Address radon gas in home sales

If you are buying or selling a home in Minnesota, pay attention because there are a few more ...
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Unintended beneficiaries

Life insurance and other death benefit policies are incredibly important, particularly if you have dependent children or other ...
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Contracts For Deed Defaults

In a previous column Contracts for Deed (C4D), in the residential real estate setting, were discussed as an ...
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Contracts For Deed An Alternative Financing Tool

A Contract for Deed (C4D) is a way to sell and purchase real estate on an installment basis. ...
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Planning for the Present

In case you didn’t pay attention to the Minnesota Omnibus Tax Bill passed recently (if you didn’t, you ...
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To trust or not to trust

In estate planning lingo, “to trust” has less to do with relying on someone and more to do ...
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