Business and Commercial Law

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Your business partnership should not be an informal arrangement

Maybe the person that you want to start a business with is your college roommate, and you have ...
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Let Your Hair Down: Proposed CROWN Act Seeks to Prohibit Discrimination on the Basis of Traits Associated with Race

For those familiar with the classic Schoolhouse Rock video, “How a Bill Becomes a Law”, you know that ...
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Music copyrights – how to keep it all straight

With our state opening up again and more and more people getting out to enjoy the lakes, restaurants, ...
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Your Guide to – Alternative Dispute Resolution, or “ADR”

Your Guide to - Alternative Dispute Resolution, or "ADR"Because of how complex, expensive, and uncertain lawsuits can be, ...
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When is the right time to incorporate my small business?

Many individuals start their small business as a sole proprietorship or as a simple general partnership with a ...
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Alternatives to Court

The courthouse is not the only place to resolve civil disputes. Many cases are settled through alternative forms ...
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