There’s Been an Accident! Fault?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2013 | Personal Injury/Wrongful Death |

Minnesota Law permits persons injured in motor vehicle accidents to payment of reasonable and necessary medical expenses, wage loss, and replacement services without concern for who caused the accident. The injured person looks to their insurer to pay medical benefits up to $20,000, and income/replacement services costs up to $20,000. Insurers must offer insureds the right to increase (“stack”) coverage to raise the maximum benefit amounts for an additional premium.Disputes over whether the medical treatment and replacement services are reasonable or necessary, or caused by the accident (for claims up to $10,000), are resolved by an arbitrator (usually a lawyer) selected by the parties whose decision is not subject to appeal.If the reasonable and necessary medical expenses exceed $4,000, or if there is permanent injury, the victim is entitled to sue the at-fault party to recover damages resulting from the accident.The lawyers at Swenson Lervick, rely on their combined 133 years of experience to assist injured persons in pursuing claims and can provide direction to persons injured in motor vehicle accidents. For answers concerning victims’ rights and potential recourse, please feel free to contact a lawyer at Swenson Lervick, stop in or call us at (320) 763-3141.